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All Together Now, A Multiple’s Story of Hope & Healing by deJoly LaBrier

An inspiring story of healing from Satanic Ritual Abuse has come out in the pages of All Together Now: A Multiple’s Story of Hope & Healing

Although many people have come forward to tell of gruesome Satanic rituals being performed on them in their childhood, the reality of such accounts has generally been pushed under the rug. However, LaBrier speaks candidly about the kinds of abuse she endured as a child, including Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), government experimentation, mind control, and child trafficking within the military.

However, All Together Now isn’t just a story of abuse. It is a story of discovery, recovery and wholeness. LaBrier ties together the pieces of her life in this well-written memoir, capturing the insanity in her birth family and transforming it into well fought for sanity in her current life.

LaBrier’s first book, Diary of a Survivor in Art and Poetry, was published in 1997.

All Together Now and Diary of a Survivor are both available on her web site:

To schedule an interview with deJoly LaBrier or to request a press copy of All Together Now, contact deJoly LaBrier directly at .  An excerpt of Chapter One and more information can be found at

deJoly LaBrier TV interview youtube video

A victim of child sex abuse shares her story on a TV News program. The abuse in her life led to a multiple personality disorder. deJoly how takes any opportunity to tell her story in hopes that others in similar experience may find healing, as well as teaching healthcare providers in understanding the devastating results of abuse.

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